Gym Myths Revealed

Fitness have a continuous interest amongst all ages. With this interest come some ridiculous myths wich later on could impact our performance and drop confidence. Some of those myths might be true some not. I will reveal which of those are facts and which fiction. If you know other myths that was not included here,... Continue Reading →

Is there a secret to lose weight?

So, you are planning to lose weight and want to find the secrets for a quick and effective recipe? In the following article I'm not going to promise or sell anything to you which mean you have nothing to lose, except few minutes from your time. In the last few weeks while surfing the internet... Continue Reading →

UK lift travel restrictions for 60 countries

After more than two months of lockdown, English citizens can finally visit other countries without having to self-isolate for 14 days. The government has released a full list of countries English holidaymakers can travel to without having to self-isolate upon their return. Quarantine restrictions for people returning to or visiting England from those 59 countries... Continue Reading →

Best places to visit this year

Source: With coronavirus pandemic, this was a dead year for holidays but that doesn't mean you have to give up. After couple of months of completely lockdown, some country have lifted travel restriction which mean we can go back to old habbits, sunny beaches in Spain, the golden sands in Egypt or any exotic location... Continue Reading →

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